Our mission is to work as navigators, problem solvers, skill builders and visionary consultants to help our clients achieve public good.

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 Who We Are

  • Navigators: Communities in Motion helps its clients navigate people, systems, and resources to  better position themselves in their communities.
  • Problem Solvers: Communities in Motion works to help its clients solve problems they face in the communities they serve.
  • Skill BuildersCommunities in Motion helps its clients become leaders and collaborators in improving the public good.

With over 25 years of experience held by our leadership team. Communities in Motion understands the national. state, and local social, economic, and political context and how that impacts communities, organizations, and businesses.  We help our clients deliver solutions that improve the communities and clients they serve by offering a variety of strategic consulting services.

What We Do


Community Engagement & Planning:  We are experts in leading, facilitating and developing solutions that result in meaningful and effective community engagement.

Strategy & Infrastructure Development: We help delivery systems and organizations better respond to the needs of their customers and clients by providing a variety of capacity building support and services.

Research & Evaluation:  We use community-based and driven approaches to help groups and organizations use data, research and evaluation to help them plan, solve problems and educate.

 Our Vision 

The communities we serve are being led by innovative, effective, and thriving organizations, institutions, and corporations committed to serving the public good.

 Our Values 

  • Integrity is reflective in our work and actions
  • Passion is evident in everything we do and how we do it
  • Teamwork is core to innovative leadership
  • Accountability to ourselves and our clients
  • Execution with excellence


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