Metro has created a Homeless Task Force, comprising of various internal and external partners focused on addressing homeless across Metro’s Transit system.  Communities in Motion is working with Metro (the Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority) to develop a strategic plan to address homelessness in and around its transit system.

Metro Transit Homeless Action Plan

On March 1, 2017, after a series of community and stakeholder engagement, Metro released their Transit Homeless Action Plan, involving strategies that reflect a targeted, collaborative and response approach to homelessness in its transit system.  This plan focuses on research, education, coordination and outreach with an implementation beginning March 1, 2017.


Background: The increase of homelessness in Metro’s transit system is impacting ridership and its  public safety environment. Furthermore, homeless individuals and families seeking shelter in Metro’s system are in need of services and access to housing resources.  With the adoption of County and City of Los Angeles strategies to address homelessness in February 2016, Metro recognizes the need to address homelessness in and around the transit system that will align with County and City of Los Angeles priorities.  Metro created a transit homeless action plan  that promotes a safe and clean environment for patrons while connecting homeless persons in the transit system to needed services and resources. This plan focuses on internal and external strategies clustered around research, education, coordination and outreach.  To develop this plan,  Communities in Motion led a comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement process to better understand the scale and scope of transit homelessness, while also soliciting ideas and feedback on solutions.  Implementation of this plan has begun March 1, 2017.

For more information and updates, please visit Metro Homeless Task Force Web Page. For more information from Communities in Motion, please email us at info@communities-motion