Faith-Based Engagement

LA Coun­ty Depart­ment of Chil­dren and Fam­i­ly Services

Com­mu­ni­ties in Motion (CIM) col­lab­o­rates with the Los Ange­les Coun­ty Depart­ment of Chil­dren and Fam­i­ly Ser­vices and The Cen­ter for Strate­gic Part­ner­ships to enhance faith-based part­ner­ships. In 2018, the LA Coun­ty Board of Super­vi­sors, with the assis­tance of phil­an­thropic sup­port, approved a motion to increase involve­ment of the faith com­mu­ni­ty in assist­ing fam­i­lies and fos­ter youth. This ini­tia­tive aims to cre­ate stronger par­tic­i­pa­tion and sup­port from the faith-based organizations.

LA Coun­ty Home­less Initiative 

CIM in 2021 began work­ing with the LA Coun­ty Chief Exec­u­tive Office Home­less Ini­tia­tive (LA Coun­ty CEO-HI in engag­ing Faith-Based Orga­ni­za­tions (FBOs) through­out LA Coun­ty to bet­ter under­stand how the Coun­ty of Los Ange­les and the Los Ange­les Home­less Ser­vices Authotiy (LAHSA) can bet­ter part­ner with the faith com­mu­ni­ty on home­less­ness. A sur­vey was con­duct­ed through­out LA Coun­ty in 2022. Results from the survery pro­duced a set of rec­om­men­da­tions that will fur­ther engage and improve faith involve­ment in homelessness.