Who We Are

Communities in Motion equips organizations and leaders to amplify their impact and foster meaningful connections with communities and individuals


What We Do

    • Partnership Development: Our team facilitates, coaches, teaches, and leads groups and organizations to collaborate effectively and solve problems together.
    • Strategic Planning: We assist government agencies, organizations and networks, in developing strategic plans that are based on community engagement approaches. 
    • Evaluation and Research: Our team assists organizations in conducting research and  creating program evaluations that are informed by the community, and in gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of their clients and the communities they serve.
    • Faith and Community Engagement:  We are experts in bridging faith-based communities and community-based organizations with government and philanthropic organizations. 
    • Capacity Building and Training: Our team facilitates, coordinates, and leads a range of training and technical assistance programs with a focus on enhancing community resilience and equipping organizations and leaders to respond to the needs of their local communities.



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