South Los Angeles Homeless Transition Age Youth (TAY) and Foster Care Collaborative. The mission of the Collaborative is to prevent and end youth homelessness in South Los Angeles.  Visit www.southlatay.org for more information. Communities in Motion has been leading a community driven process to  engage a broad base of community organizations, agencies, stakeholders, youth, and others to develop a comprehensive community plan that will address youth homelessness in South Los Angeles.  This process was launched in January 2014. Communities in Motion led the development and creation of the planning tools, processes, and work plans that engaged over 300 people  and organizations.  As a result, six strategic goals were unveiled on September 25, 2014 outlining a strategy that will require continued participation of the community, service providers, youth ages 16-25, government, business, advocacy organizations and many others.

 This plan was a monumental and historic achievement in the South Los Angeles community and it demonstrated with the right leadership and planning acumen, a region with so many social and economic disparities and challenges can develop their own solutions.  Attached is the presentation delivered to over 300 people when the plan was unveiled on September 25, 2014.  The summary of strategic goals and objectives are attached.

Homeless No More Presentation Sept 25
South LA TAY Homeless No More Community Plan Summary Sept 2014


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