Strategy & Infrastructure Development

Our expertise and experience is rooted in a community-based, problem solving and empowering approach that help organizations and groups thrive and adapt.  In working with organizations, we believe in integrating training and technical assistance, which is experiential, team-based and interactive approach to developing curricula and training delivery.

  • Strengthening Systems and Organizations
    • Organizational Infrastructure Development and Improvement:
    • Strategic Analysis and Planning
    • Business and administrative leadership support and development
    • Training and Technical Assistance for Organizations and Individuals
      • Public and community engagement
      • Community mobilization and advocacy
      • Communication and marketing
      • Relationship building and networking



  • Human Services Systems Planning and Implementation
    • Develop strategies and improve how systems 
    • Improve how delivery systems can better serve customers
    • Design strategies and approaches to improve access to resources and services
    • Help align operational policies with organizational goals and priorities


  • Public Policy Analysis and Planning
    • Aligning strategic and organizational goals with relevant public policies
    • Develop public policy strategies
    • Develop strategic solutions that inform and align public policies with an organization’s goals

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